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Using Garlic Water on Plants: Prevent Pests Naturally

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Did you know that you could use garlic water on plants to aid their growth? Garlic is a common kitchen ingredient that has some amazing benefits when it comes to creating a healthy and pest-free environment for plants.

Garlic water benefits plants by adding nutrients, stimulating growth, repelling pests, and increasing resistance to disease. For decades, garlic water has been used as a pesticide that repels many types of insects, rodents and some even claim that it is an effective natural cure for intestinal worms.

Garlic water is an organic and cost-effective option in the fight against plant pests using chemical warfare.

Once you start using this powerful liquid, your plants will thank you for it. Find out more about how using garlic water on plants can help prevent fungus and insects from destroying your plants.

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Is Garlic Water Safe for Plants?

garlic water for plants

Garlic water is completely safe for plants because it is one of the best things that keeps all the harmful things away from your beautiful flowering or fruit plants. It is said that vampires and bugs don’t like the smell of garlic. Funny, but a fact! 

So if you want to keep bugs away from your garden or potted plants, you can easily and safely spray garlic water on your plants.

Many artificial pesticides and fungicides have harmful chemicals in them that can harm your vegetables and fruits. Still, garlic water is one of the safest things for your plant because of its natural insecticides effects.

Garlic water never damages any of your vegetables or fruits and keeps the plant natural and healthy. So if you want to keep your garden safe and healthy, you must use garlic water instead of artificial insect killers or sprays. 

How is Garlic Water Beneficial For Plants?

Garlic water is very beneficial for plants because it is a homemade natural and organic remedy. It prevents your plants from bugs and pests and saves them from harmful chemicals included in fungicides and insecticides. 

Garlic not only acts like a scarecrow for your plants, but it is also full of nutrition that helps to boost up the growth of your plants.

Garlic also contains a chemical called allicin 

Additionally, the scent of both the allicin and sulfur from the garlic irritates the sensory receptors in the pests and it makes it unbearable to remain on the plant and as a result, they leave.

What Plant Nutrient Does it Contain?

Garlic is a rich source of selenium, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and manganese. It can also give calcium, iron, copper, and potassium. All these nutrients are beneficial in the plant’s growth. 

Most farmers add these nutrients in the form of fertilizers, but you can simply spray garlic water to your plants and give them all the nutrients through just one food.

Minerals Found in Garlic

NutrientAmount per CupPlant Benefits
Calcium, Ca246.16 mgProvides structural support to cell walls
Copper, Cu0.407 mgNeeded for or chlorophyll and seed production
Iron, Fe2.31 mgSynthesis of chlorophyll and Green leaves
Magnesium, Mg34.00 mgPromotes photosynthesis and green leaves
Manganese, Mn2.274 mgRoot growth and resistance to pathogens, Photosynthesis
Phosphorus, P208.08 mgGeneral health and vigor of all plants.
Potassium, K545.36 mgThe movement of water and nutrients, Regulates photosynthesis
Selenium, Se19.3 mcgProtects plants from several abiotic stresses
Sodium, Na23.12 mgHelps with metabolism and synthesis of chlorophyll
Zinc, Zn1.58 mgformation of chlorophyll and some carbohydrates, conversion of starches

What Pest Repellant Does It Contain?

Garlic is also a source of sulfur compounds. Sulfur is the best way to keep away all the pests and weeds from your plants. If you add garlic water to your plants, the amount of sulfur in it kills all the pests and keeps future pests away from your plant.

Pests that Garlic Water Works Against

  • Aphids
  • Ants
  • Beetles
  • Borers
  • Caterpillars
  • Armyworms
  • Slugs
  • Termites
  • Whiteflies

Sulfur is a well know fungicide and when garlic water is applied to plants it supplies a coat of that pungent smelling sulfur which helps ward off fungal disease as well.

How To Make Garlic Water For Plants?

The recipe for garlic water is very simple and easy. You can prepare garlic water for your plants easily and quickly and safely use it on your plants. 


  1. 2 to 3 cups of water (according to the number of plants on which you have to apply garlic water)
  2. One tb of garlic powder of fresh one head of garlic 

NOTE: Fresh garlic is more beneficial than garlic powder.


  1. First, you have to put all the garlic cloves in a blender, then blend it until you get a smooth consistency. Add cups of water in it, then blend it again for just 2 minutes.
  1. If you are using garlic powder, then there is no need to blend it. You can simply skip step no 1. 
  1. Now put the garlic and water mixture in a container. A glass container is much better than plastic containers, so use a glass container. 
  1. Cover the glass container with a dark-colored cloth, then put it in a dark place for 1 to 2 days. 
  1. After one day, stain the mixture and mix it with a gallon of water. Your garlic water is ready now. 

NOTE: Always store the remaining water in a fridge, so it remains fresh for a couple of days. You can use this water for 1 to 2 months easily.

Misting is a good way of applying garlic water to your plant without the effects of overwatering. You can try this misting bottle from amazon which is cheap, durable and gets the job done.

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How To Water Plants With Garlic Water?

The simplest way to water the plant with garlic is by using a spray bottle. 

First, you need a spray bottle and then fill it with garlic water. You can easily spray the garlic water in the roots and leaves of your plants to protect your plants from all types of weeds, pests, and insects. 

The spray frequency can be according to your choice, but it is not safe to spray your plants daily with garlic water. You can comfortably apply garlic water to the plants twice a week. 

Another best method to apply the garlic water is to pour the garlic water around the boundaries of your garden. 

The smell of garlic will keep bugs away from your beautiful garden. 

You can also apply it to your garden’s soil to make your garden more fertile and an excellent place to grow as well. 

Using Garlic as a Pesticide:

If you don’t want to apply harmful chemicals to your garden because they can be detrimental to your plants, you can use garlic water. 

Pesticides can decrease the fertility of your soil and can also add chemicals to your vegetables and fruits. 

Garlic water is the best solution for pests in your garden.

The most common pests that can attack your plants are cabbage worms, bagworms, aphids, corn earworms, flea beetles, cucumber beetles, and many others. Garlic water is beneficial against all of them, and you can remain satisfied after applying garlic water to your plants. 

If you apply garlic water around the fence of your garden, you can also stop all these pests and insects from reaching your flowering plants. For the lettuce and cabbage family, garlic water is an excellent repeller of pests.

Using Garlic as Fungicide:

Sulfur compounds are very effective against fungus. Sulfur compounds are used not only in small gardens but also in fields to prevent the crops from all the fungus. Garlic water has a sufficient amount of sulfur compounds, so it can effectively act as a fungicide.

Artificial Fungicides are harmful to plants because of the high quantity of chemicals, so you can’t use them on your healthy fruit plants.

You can easily use garlic water instead of commercial fungicide, and it will definitely give you more sound effects than fungicides. 

Cautions for Using Garlic Water:

Garlic water is a natural thing to use easily, but there are some cautions about using it. If you follow them, then you can get the best results from this magical water. 

  • Excessive use of garlic water can affect the growth of your plants, so always use the normal amount of water according to your needs. 
  • Never use garlic water more than twice a week because it is enough for plants.
  • Spray garlic water on the soil only once a week
  • Garlic water is best for ornamental plants and house lawns and gardens.

The Takeaway:

Garlic water is a great way to give your plants a boost. Not only will they grow better, but you can use garlic water to clear pests and fungus away from your plants.

You can use garlic water on the soil or directly on the leaves of your plants. Mixing garlic water with compost tea is a great way to promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms. Pay attention to how certain plants tolerate garlic water better than others.

Garlic water is 100% safe for plants and can help increase the productivity of the soil. You can apply garlic water as a pesticide, insecticide, and fungicide without any worry of damaging your plants. 

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