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Grow Healthier Plants

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These are the products we have tried and tested. They are the best when it comes to keeping healthy plants.

Best Potting

Miracle Grow Potting Mix

We have found this potting soil keeps our plants healthy long after repotting. It has good moisture retention and aeration properties.

Best Soil Amendment

Mycorrhizal Inoculant by DYNOMYCO

This soil amendment is used to mix with potting soil and other soils, increasing drainage and aeration. It promotes healthy roots and healthy plants.

Best Plant Fertilizer

Osmocoat fertilizer

This is by far one of the most potent fertilizers out there. It does burn your plant and its slow release feeds your plants for a long time.

For Stronger Leaves and Stems

purvied for stronger leaves

This product strengthens plant leaves and steams. It’s like a superfood for your plants making them strong and healthy.

3 in 1 Soil Moisture Meter

Trazon Soil pH Meter 3-in-1 Soil Tester Moisture

This gadget measures moisture, pH, and temperature. It saves you money not having to purchase 3 separate instruments to check the health of your soil.

Best Watering

MyLifeUNIT Plastic Watering Can green

Simple, durable, and cost-effective watering can which works great and prevents the water from being spilled when watering your plants.

Best Organic Pest Control

Bliss neem oil amazon

Bliss pure neem oil comes at a great price. It works greats when it comes to shining leaves and provides a layer of protection for plants against known pests.

Moss Pole for Plant Support

The Blooming Jungle 24 Inch Moss Pole - 2 Coco Coir Poles

These moss poles are what we use not just because they are cheap but also because they are strong and durable.

Mulch Products

Best Organic Pest Control

Cedar Mulch

This mulch pack is very cost-effective and works great for indoor and outdoor plants. It helps retain moisture and looks great on top of soil.

Best durable Mulch Barrier

EasyFlex 3100-20C-6 Heavy-Duty Dig Landscape Edging Kit

This product helps retain mulch in outdoor gardens and prevents it from being removed by rain or wind.

Best to firmly hold Mulch in place

Mulch Lock 16000, Ready-to-Use

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your mulch loss. This can effectively hold the mulch together in one place for a long time.

Best Indoor Grow Light

grow light

The most affordable solution to providing your plants with uniform lighting to prevent bending, legginess and yellowing leaves.

Best Humidifier for Plants

geniani portable humidifier

Humidity is crucial for tropical plants and this humidifier provides the ideal environment for healthy growth.

Best Bottle Mister for Plants

Misting bottle

The driew Plant Mister Spray Bottle is a very cheap and powerful solution for your misting needs.

Durable Bottom Watering Tray

10 Plant Growing Trays

This is a very durable bottom watering tray and can work with most houseplants for their bottom watering needs.

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